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Google Chrome 59 Brings Material Design to Settings

Posted June 6, 2017 | Chrome | Cloud | Google | Windows

The stable version of Google Chrome 59 for Windows and Mac arrives this week, bringing with it a new Material Design look and feel to Settings.

Google Chrome 59 also brings “a number of fixes and improvements,” as you might expect. But the marquee feature this time around is of course that nice redesign of the Settings interface.

If you’re a Chrome user—and according to the most reliable stats, most of you are—you’re probably familiar with the old Settings interface, which hadn’t changed much at all over the years. It’s grown so unwieldy that I’ve taken to just using Settings search to find the options I need.

Out with the old

But with Chrome 59, Settings offers a much more attractive design. Better still, it’s nicely laid out, and structured logically with different sections.

From the menu on the left, you can now jump directly to those sections, or access an Advanced menu with even more options.


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