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Microsoft Uses AI to Beat Ms. Pac-Man

14 Jun 17 | Cloud, Windows

Microsoft researchers have developed an artificial intelligence-based system that discovered how to achieve the maximum possible score on the 1980s […]

Mozilla Delivers “the Best Firefox Ever”

14 Jun 17 | Cloud, Firefox, Windows

This week, Mozilla announced Firefox 54, which provides multi-processing capabilities for “remarkably” improved performance and memory usage. “This is the […]

Apple CEO Admits to Autonomous Car Project

13 Jun 17 | Apple, Cloud, iOS, Mobile, Windows

Apple CEO Tim Cook had his Perestroika moment this week when he opened up about a secret autonomous car project […]

Microsoft is Retiring

And yes, that is a Lumia 2520 tablet. After a confusing couple of years, Microsoft is finally retiring its redundant […]

Amazon Drops Unlimited Cloud Storage for Individuals

This week, Amazon revealed that it will no longer offer an unlimited storage plan in its Amazon Drive consumer service. […]

Google Chrome 59 Brings Material Design to Settings

06 Jun 17 | Chrome, Cloud, Google, Windows

The stable version of Google Chrome 59 for Windows and Mac arrives this week, bringing with it a new Material […]

Google Photos Adds Photo Books, Archiving

Two weeks after Google showed off a number of new features coming to Google Photos, a few of those features […]

Chrome is Not Blocking Ads, Google is Working with Ad Industry

02 Jun 17 | Chrome, Cloud, Google, Windows

A horrific example of web advertising. Back in April, I wrote that Google’s plans to block web ads in Chrome […]