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Obviously, You Can Recover an Upgraded Surface Laptop to Windows 10 S

Despite some concerns to the contrary, those who upgrade a Surface Laptop to Windows 10 Pro will indeed be able […]

Windows 10 S Will Not Support the Linux Subsystem

I could have seen this one going either way, but Microsoft confirmed this week that Windows 10 S will not […]

Surface Laptop is Microsoft’s Most Important Surface Release Ever (Premium)

As the euphoria surrounding yesterday’s Surface Laptop announcement dies down, I’ve received a number of pointed questions about this new […]

Windows 10 S: The Fine Print

It’s not every day that Microsoft releases a new Windows product edition. But today, they did just that: Windows 10 […]

Some Quick Thoughts About the Surface Laptop Leaks

As Brad noted last night, Microsoft’s new Surface Laptop unfortunately leaked just hours ahead of the event at which it […]