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Understanding What Productivity Looks Like on an iPad Pro

19 Jun 17 | iOS, iOS 11, iPad Pro, Mobile, Windows

With the latest iPad Pro and iOS 11, Apple is finally moving the needle on iPad-based productivity. Here’s what to […]

Hands On with the iOS 11 Beta

07 Jun 17 | iOS, iOS 11, iPad, iPhone 7 Plus, Windows

Apple announced iOS 11 this week at its annual developer show, and later this month, you’ll be able to install […]

Yes, OneDrive is Coming to the iOS 11 Files App

06 Jun 17 | iOS, iOS 11, iPad, Mobile, OneDrive, Windows

When Apple announced that it would finally provide iPad users with access to the file system via a new Files […]

WWDC 2017: Apple Announces iOS 11, New Macs and iPad Pro, HomePod, More

In a decidedly non-developer-focused WWDC keynote today, Apple announced a slew of new products, including iOS 11, new iMac and […]