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Xbox One X to Debut at $499

Posted June 11, 2017 | Windows | Xbox One | Xbox One X | Xbox Scorpio

Microsoft’s Xbox One X will debut at $499, a reasonable premium price tag for a stunning premium video game console. Folks, the next generation just got real.

Brad wrote about the Xbox One X branding and schedule earlier, but the short version is that Xbox “Project Scorpio” has a name and a November 7 release date.

What we’ve learned since then is that it also appears to meet my expectations: Microsoft’s E3 briefing was heavy on the 4K/60 fps stuff, and game makers are updating existing titles to look and play even better on the new console. The firm also introduced 42 new Xbox One games, about half of which are Xbox/Windows 10 exclusives.

But one of the biggest questions was the price. As you may know, the PlayStation 4 Pro currently sells for $399, about $100 less than the Xbox One X. But Xbox One X is far more powerful than the PS4 Pro. And from what I’ve seen today, I think it justifies the price.

More to the point, if you can’t afford an Xbox One X, you can simply buy a much cheaper Xbox One S and play the exact same games. Then, once the price comes down or you are ready to upgrade, the Xbox One X will make all of your existing games look and play better.

This is, I think, a winning formula. And while the price is indeed premium, it should do well with hardcore Xbox fans.


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